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Music Production

Murda Mook, Smoke DZA, Loaded Lux & NymLo - The Loisaidas Song | Main song of the Damon Dash & Kanye West movie, Loisaidas. Production & Recording.

Loisaidas (Motion picture original soundtrack) | Production

Damon Dash Presents "BluWarriors" (Album featuring: Murda Mook, Smoke DZA, Mims, Al-Doe, NymLo, Alex Estevez and more) | Production, Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Damon Dash feat Sen City "Flip" | Production, Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Damon Dash feat. Jim Jones & Smoke DZA "Don't Get Scared" | Production, Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Jim Jones - The Poppington Song | Production, Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Jim Jones - Drive By | Production, Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Audio Engineering

Smoke DZA feat. A$AP Rocky & Camron - "Everything Valid" | Recording of Camron's verse

Dipset feat Damon Dash & A-Trak "Dipshit" | Recording of Juelz Santana's chorus

Camron feat. Wiz Khalifa & Smoke DZA "Touch The Sky" | Recording of Smoke DZA's verse

Jim Jones - "Nana (Remix)" | Recording & Mixing

Jim Jones - "OG Bobby Johnson (Remix)" | Recording & Mixing

Jim Jones - "Stoner (Remix)" | Recording & Mixing

Jim Jones - "They Don't Know (Remix)" | Recording & Mixing

Bleu Davinci feat. Fly Boy Pat, Cap 1 & Jim Jones "Lil Nigga" | Recording of Jim Jones' verse

C-Rayz Walz - "St Patrick Rayz" (Mixtape) | Recording, Mixing & Mastering

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